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: 관리자 : Fri, 26 June 2020, 12:25 PM

[Press] Korea Smart Cities Daily News Clipping - Jun.26

LGU+ partners with state institute to establish 5G-based smart factory infrastructure


LGU+, a South Korean mobile carrier, has joined hands with a state engineering institute to establish smart city and smart factory infrastructures connected with 5G mobile communication in the southwestern industrial city of Gumi.


The mobile carrier said that it will cooperate with Kumoh National Institute of Technology to establish a dedicated 5G network in Gumi's industrial zone and implement ICT in the production process of factories. Internet of things (IoT) devices using remote control technologies will increase the work efficiency of human workers who will be aided by autonomous robots.


LGU+ will also establish a smart city infrastructure by utilizing smart surveillance drones and autonomous patrol robots. The company will provide support for small and medium-sized factories in Gumi so that they can easily adopt new smart factory technologies.

*Source : Aju Business Daily (20/06/24)

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