Agreement on Handling Personal Information

1. Personal Information Collection/Purpose of Use
1) Exhibition Organizer uses the visitor's personal information for next exhibition invitation.
2) The scanning of the bar-code on your personal name tag when ent ering the exhibition hall confirms your agreement to allow to use your visitor details (excluding personal information) as part of this research and promotion.

2. Personal Information Required
1) Required Information: Name, Company, Position, Mobile, E-mail, Phone

3. Use of Visitors' Personal Information
1) To provide a better service for the customers, Micehub, the operator of exhibition registration system, takes charge of managing the personal information.
2) All visitor information is managed according to Korea's personal information protection laws, prohibiting the sharing of any information with third parties and assigning liability in the case of any accidental disclosure to the operator.

4. Usage period
Visitor’s Personal information will be deleted after the collection of data.

5. Visitor Rights
While visitors have the right to refuse to disclose the required personal information, this may result in prohibited or limited exhibition participation.